Groovy pools

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This is the best pools company in town i would not use anybody else they do what they say and they are on time what more can you ask for.If you want a pool built right i would call groovy pools they are the best guys.They will also repair you pool leaks or what ever you need they will even work on sunday if that is what it takes dont use another company they are the best you wont be sorry give them a shot.They will build ponds as well and landscape if you need that to just call them.

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Groovy Pools did very shoddy work for me by hiring incompetent subs. They took me for $28,000 nad The pool plumbing is not working and further they cannot or will not repair it. Caveat Emptor!!!

Groovy pools

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Groovy pools is owned by leon hand and rick salinas.Leon Hand is the biggest crook in Texas.He is currently on Parole in williamson County Texas,for Bank wire Fraud he owned a car dealership in san Antonio and too peoples money i believe around 500k.He says he has been building pools since 2003,which is a lie he was in prison.He also just got out of prison in mayy 2009 for grand theft in Daytona beach Florida.His partner rick salinas is currently looking at a prison senetence for his 4th dwi.They also go by the name of Cascade pools in Austin.Please Beware.We will have other postings here of the people he took advantage of in San antonio when he had his car lots.

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DO NOT DUE BUSINESS WITH RICK SALINAS OF OCEAN POOLS, aka,, 4896 Engadina Pass Round Rock, TX 78665

This guy is a crook! was told 45 days to complete my pool 6 month later still not finished. his guy is a joke, a crook and incompatent

This horrible experience started mid November and now May 15, 2011 I have to get another pool contractor to fix and finish this still unfinished job. Rick Salinas is a smooth talker telling you how good of a job he will do, his experience in Austin / Round Rock area and he has his own crews no sub-contractors. 1st lie. He does not have his own crews ! He does not pay his subs! On 2 separate occasions sub contractors came to my door for payment and upon getting bids for another contractor to finish this job, I was told by 3 or more people in the industry that most won’t work for him because this. 2nd lie. 45 days to complete the job. Almost 6 months later he has refused to finish the job. Now I only paid as progress was done but he asked me for money to purchase equipement. 3rd lie. Never purchased the equipment. Told me he had it on numerous occasions, then 2 weeks ago said he was ordering the equipment??? I never received the equipement. Every word that has come out of Rick Salinas’s mouth was a lie. After I hired a attorney who wrote a letter demanding they finish or be sued, he brought in another contractor named Josh Salinas of Dreamskapes ( ( to try to finish the job. Josh said all the right things but 1 month later virtually nothing has been done. Josh stated he was always waiting for money from Rick and that many of his subs would not show up for ridiculus reasons and that many feared they would not be paid. Of the work Josh was responsible for ALL MUST BE RE-DONE! The tiles were not put on correctly, not level, not enough thinset to assure that the water would not leak into the gunite behind. The concrete decking was poured to shallow to allow cool deck product to be used to be level with the coping. They poured it as if we were using stone not cool deck. Now more concrete must be poured to fix the job. The grading of the deck was also wrong and concrete must now be cut to add drains. The 2 different contractors noticed these problems a few seconds after walking in the back yard. Incompatence! The bottom row of rocks for the waterfall must be redone because it was not properly waterproofed behind. They were supposed to pour a concrete pad for the pool equipment but actually put in some sort of concrete like plastic pad which is a joke. They broke my neighbors fence and did not repair it. I am going to great lengths to expose this crook so another unsuspecting family doesn’t have they dreams crushed by him. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ 512-469-5877 or


Groovy Pools aka San Antonio Pool designs.Does sub standard work.

I paid $28,000 in 9/10/2010 amd my pool is still not working.

Hire any other company.I am suing them.


Ya know, this sounds like and smells like that rat Dan Honig and his buddies.Shame on you for accusing Leon of everything you did to your customers.

Leon is reliable, honest, trustworthy, and above all not a thief, unlike you. Why don't you stay off this site and get a life... And don't be so quick to accuse Leon of being in jail because time is not your friend.

I predict Jail time for you in the near future pal.You're a thief and a lier.


Wow I'm one of the subs that never got paid. Didnt know this site existed Just to clear the air Leon and Rick worked for Water Workz and they lie just as it says if you use groovy pools beware they lied to me and I took Rick's hand shake and his word as a man that I'd get paid as soon as my work was done


Anyone with any sense and wisdom will STAY AWAY from ALL of these folks!Waterworkz AND Groovy Pools.

Too many other reputable pool companies in town who genuinely care for their customers. Just do your RESEARCH!!!

Educate yourself!End of story!




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Water Workz Custom Pools

(512) 525-1417

Round Rock, TX 78665

30.50904 -97.677224

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Products and Services: Custom Swimming Pools, Outdoor Living, Spas, and Water Purification Systems

Year Established: 2003

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by Austin in Burnet, Texas 10/28/2009

Looking at $22K to finish/repair the mess they left at my house, Water Workz committed fraud on me. Nothing but a bunch of unsupervised sub-contractors screwing up my house/pool. Work was poor quality and what little work has been performed will have to be re-done due to poor workmanship. Hired in Sept. 08 and still not close to being finished. I have a big mosquito hole in my yard. Never been screwed so bad in my life. Hire at your own risk! Hiring an attorney.

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fooled - 11/13/09

Hey everyone google the Killeen Daily Herald dtd 11/13/09 Police Blotter. Please everyone go down in press Theft of Services on this guy. Do not let him get away. The guy needs to be in prison for what he did to us......

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by JHE 10/28/2009


Just received a letter from the gunite company threatening to put a lien on my home for non-payment. Water Workz never paid them even though I paid per my contract. They have not come close to finishing the pool they started in August.

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by Jim 09/28/2009

Well Where do I start I wish for one thing I would have saw this site before I got took For $40,000. I have subs showing up at my house. Some want money, some think its my falt. Water Workz told them I wouldnt pay. After all is said and done I got a damm crayon drawing that my 6 year old could have drawn. A big hole filled with concrette and a messed up yard and A city official Saying i'm getting a Fine for not pulling permit. Anyone doing business with this company is out for a *** of a ride. I contacted another company to finish the pool they said the pool was underbid there was no way they could have even done the pool at cost for what I was quoted I have contacted Service magic aboout this company becauses they pride them selves for having qualified contractors. They are the ones I went with because they are on service magic. In Case anyone wants to know they also do business as Honig ventures I got that Info from city official. The bad news: after that search I find there filling bankruptcy. Im not a angury man but im sure if i could find the person responsible for this company I'd find a way to hurt him or her so they could begin to feel the pain I feel. My Wife and I have never yelled at each other till this we had a loving family now were in marriage therapy.

This the guy that is writing the bad reviews on groovy pools


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(512) 573-5145

1014 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751 Get directions

Cross Streets: Between Harmon Ave and I-35 N

30.312072 -97.710569

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Specialities: 14x30base pool installed $29,500

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Associations: bbb.

Products and Services: in ground custom swimming pools and spas,arbors, out door kitchens

Languages Spoken: every thing

Year Established: 2003

Other Contact Info: Fax: 512-420-9701

Toll Free: (877) 879-6759


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by pam35_2000 10/25/2009

do not do business we these people, they are crooks, we have hired a lawyer just to get our pool finshed, BEWARE , hire at your own risk , they dont build pools they tell lies, They are the most dishonest people that I have ever seen. they take your dreams and crush them. They will take your money, Dont be like my husband and I. We paid the in June, made each payment, they stated my pool would be done in 45 days. It is October, I still do not have my pool done and we have paid 27,000 dollars. they kept telling us, they had problems with the orders, problems with inspecters, everything they said was Lies. Now we are paying the price. Please DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE , they are LIARS, If they remove this email, I will post a new one everyday!!! warning people

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pam35_2000 - 10/17/09

As of today, October 16th, I have a gunite hole in my back yard, its been sitting in my back yard since auguest, they LIE, take your money, dont honor contracts, dont pay their people, But I Know That God is in charge and beleive me, His wraith will be worse than our Lawyers, Wait and See, Ive seen it happen too many times. pam35_2000 - 10/17/09

Please do your homework, do not hire these people!!!!!! They are unethical and practice deceptive trade values!!! lowlifes!!!!! j paular - 10/17/09

this guy dan honig is a crook, thief, and conman.. his own dad even quit the company... beware of waterworkz designworkz, honigventures he uses many names... he is in chapter 11 bk contact the court so this guy can be shut down.. pam35_2000 - 10/25/09

We got a lawyer to handle our business now. But now we still need our pool to be finshed, Does anyone have any ideas of pool builders who finsh an unfinshed pool that another company did not finsh.HELP!!!!!! pam35_2000 - 10/25/09

This is who is writing about groovy pools


PS.This man is not a dissatisfied customer he is a bankrupt pool builder, and groovy pools has finished a lot of his unfinished work.

he has many customers in and around the Austin area that he took their money and didn't finish the job, ruined their yards, in some cases the work was so bad the customers had to employee other company's to remove his work, and start over from scratch, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars to hard working Texas family's. iam proud that we were able to help and assist those family's. he has many law suits pending against him at this time. of course he left the customer no choice but to sue.

of course the companies he owns have no money, he likes to travel and take trips on fancy cruse ships, i will say more as i can. i just like to be sure that its ok with my attorney, as soon as i can release his name and all his company names i will, so any one reading this will know why he is making all these statements, it not about business, its all personal. and when i do release his info. it will be a full discloser on a new page.

on this site listing each of his companies one by one, with all names of listed owners, and i will search for any new company's he may have opened in the last six months as well.again thank you for reading Leon Hand ceo groovy pools


To whom it my concern, the bad comments listed on this site are from a man, that has many failed companies in Texas and other states.As i write this my attorney will be addressing the man slandering my good name and company, i guess he has no understanding of legal problems, this could bring any event we,will keep you up dated.

until this is resolved, this man doing this is like a small child, and it shows, we are tracking his computer address, once i get all the info i will be adding it on here as well, after i get the go a head from my attorney,i will list all his info along with all his failed companies,i will say he is a pool builder that , can not stand competition.

in fact he has failed at many things in his life, really even , when we run across people like this in our lives we have to feel sorry for them, i have known of this brewing temper problem, and abuse of others, since i met him, thats why i separated my self and family from him, i just have a hard time with people that lie and hurt others, but at the end of the day he will post god only knows on here.just remember if you have done business with me, or are doing business with me, i finish all my jobs, and do nothing but high quality work, if any one would like to talk to any of my customers, you can contact us at groovy or you can call us, we answer all calls at 512-551-4150 fax 1-800-550-1235 thank you very much for reading my thoughts.


Its funny how groovy pools is responding too there own complaints acting like a customer.Leon you should learn how too spell.Future customers dont take my word for what i am telling you.just contact williamson county Parole division.And check on Leon Hand.Groovy pools is a fraud by a fraud.I have bounced back from what Leon did too me,but so many others were not able too therefore it is my mission too make sure he never takes advantage of another person.Please beware.....






OMG!!This was SO posted by someone that has no life and if anything he's the Terrible INDIVISUAL!!HE HAS NO LIFE,PEOLPLE THAT WRIGHT ALL THIS BALONY OF OTHER'S IS A HATER..BAD!!THIS IS PURE HARRSEMENT AND...IT NEED'S TO STOP!!

THESE COMMENTS WERE created by an indivisual who is jealous of HOW "GREAT" GROOVY POOL'S REALLY IS LOL ...and that's the bottom line!! Whatever dude get a life!! lol PS.THE GROOVY POOL CUSTOMER'S ARE SATISFIED AND HAPPY! THERE POOL'S GET DONE RITE AWAY UNLIKE OTHER'S AND DONE RITE!!







Mr hand built my pool and it was done on time the est was on the money.


Groovey pools is a great company and handels all customers with the highest care i dont know what this guy is talking about.

austin customer

Please Please beware of Leon Hand.I am going too do my absolute best too make sure he never ever takes advantage of another customer,and the truth is told about this Terrible individual.Hold on too your wallet he will rob you for everything you have>

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